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Welcome to our fantastic Woodbridge storage unit

There are many reasons why you may need to store personal belongings. Over time we all accumulate lots of things which often have sentimental value so you might not want to get rid of them. You may have decided to downsize your property when your children have left home but want to keep your things to pass onto them when they are ready, perhaps you have sold your house but your new one isn’t quite ready to move into or you may be moving overseas for a year or two but want to store your furniture for when you return.

Whatever your reasons, there are lots of options available and for Woodbridge storage, Pooley Removals & Storage can offer the solution.

Things To Consider

• How long will you need to store your things for?
• Do you need to be able to access them regularly?
• Will they be secure?
• Are there different options available? There is no point in paying for a massive container if you only need to store a few things.
• Are the storage units clean and kept free of pests?

We have Woodbridge storage safely covered 


• Ensure all items are clean and dry.
• Do not store passports, keys and important documents you may need.
• Do not store any food or liquid or flammable, hazardous materials.
• We can supply you with our own strong boxes and packing materials. All your furniture and effects will be kept safe in one of our sealed wooden storage containers, until you want them delivered out again
• Label all of your boxes clearly.
• Make sure fridges and freezers have been thoroughly defrosted before storing so that they are completely dry.
• Wrap any fragile items well.
• We wrap and cover all items in store with us with “removal blankets” which you would have to buy if you was to use self storage.  We then load your items safely into our containers, this is done by our experienced removal men who are covered by our own indemnity policy.
• Make sure your storage facility has up to date contact details for you
• Check the inventory carefully before signing

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Local Storage in Woodbridge

Pooleys Removals & Storage have one of the largest storage warehouse’s locally, situated at Bentwaters Park with 24 hour on site security and a gate into the business park.  We are a family business with a fantastic track record in offering high level service whilst still remaining friendly and easy to deal with.  We understand the need for storage and this is why our Woodbridge storage facility is so easy and value for money.

Within our warehouse we store your possessions safely and soundly in our sealed wooden storage containers

Contact us to discuss any of your storage needs and we will be very happy to help.

Pooley Removals offer the best in Woodbridge storage