International Shipping

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International Shipping

Pooleys have established a superb reputation locally for removals and storage but did you know that we have also been helping people move internationally for over 35 years?

Pooley Removals and Storage are located on Bentwaters Parks which was, until 1993, RAF Bentwaters, home to USAF squadrons. From the early 1980s we were contracted to move the possessions of military personnel within Suffolk and by sub-contract to prepare their belongings when they returned to the US. This enabled us to establish a strong and trusted relationship with a major shipping company giving us the ability to send your household contents to just about anywhere on the planet.

We are confident that your possessions will be administered, handled and delivered to your new home by staff trained to work to the very highest standards, whether you are moving two miles down the road or to the other side of the world.  We have shipped households to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus (and other Med islands), Central and South American countries, Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East, South Africa and other African countries, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Pacific Islands.

The way it works

If you want to ship enough furniture to warrant having your own container, your surveyor will tell you whether you need a 20ft or a 40ft container. Our staff will wrap and then pack all your smaller items into strong cartons. Fragiles will be triple-wrapped to ensure everything arrives safely. All larger items will be snugly wrapped in air-filled blankets.

For smaller consignments, packing and wrapping is done in exactly the same way and your consignment will be consolidated with others to ensure best-value use of the space in a container.

In all cases our staff will compile a packing list so that customs at destination will be able to see that your possessions have been prepared and shipped professionally.

Pooley Removals insist on shipping through a major agent. It would be possible to make direct contact with companies at destination, but only major shippers have the network of accredited operations that will be the nearest thing to a guarantee of a successful move. The people at destination are members of the same federation as your shipper and have signed up to the same high standards of service.

We moved a family to Canada whose friends had moved back a year previously, with a company who had their own contacts. Our customers were keen not to repeat the six-month wait their friends had after their household effects had arrived on the quay at Vancouver. They were delighted with our service, which is the usual response from for our clients.

Pooleys, International Shipping, Moving OverseasStorage of international shipments

There are occasions when people moving to other countries need time to organise their new lives. Being able to store their furniture and effects gives them breathing space so that they have the luxury of time to choose their new home without the pressure of knowing that their furniture will very soon be delivered.

Storage can be either here, at our 32,000 square-foot warehouse at Bentwaters Parks, or at the port of destination (although this is sometimes considerably more expensive). We have the possessions of 100 customers in store at any one time; everything is containerised within the warehouse and we can arrange for the same insurance policy to cover your shipment from the time we collect it to the time of final delivery, with a week after that for you to ensure that everything meets with your approval.

A more unlikely international storage option, chosen by a customer we moved to Guam, an island in the Pacific, is to pay not only for the shipment but to buy the container as well and have it delivered to the garden of your new home on a levelled surface to use as a store until you’re ready for the furniture. The family in question made the improvements they wanted to the house, moved all the furniture in, and thereafter used the container as a garden shed.

International shipping and moving families overseas is our thing!

Most people want the simplicity of a full-service delivery with unwrapping of all furniture, and unpacking of fragile and all boxed items. The delivery crew will then take all used wrapping and packing materials away with them.

Whatever your removal or storage needs, we can help and you can be confident that your household contents will be delivered safely, securely and with the utmost care.