Free no obligation quotations

To give you an accurate quotation for your removal we like to come out on a home visit to do a full survey. We do not quote over the phone without a visit, unless it is a set amount of furniture that can be easily listed and is being collected from Scotland for example for delivery to Suffolk. Our Surveyor will travel to do quotes if needed and is often in London doing visits.

These quotes are free and you are under no obligation to use us. We will just need a quick walk round your property to see what is to be moved , along with how much dismantling and re-erecting is to be done and what the access is like to the property. We can then assess what vehicle will be needed, access routes and how many men that will be needed for the job.

The quotation can be broken down into different prices for the different options and services we provide.  This could include a full packing service, doing your own packing, a direct move or moving into storage.


Designed to take the stress out of moving.

When your move day comes around sometimes not all the people involved are on the same page as you.  Sometimes there is a delay in collecting the keys or someone in the chain has not fully vacated yet.  This can cause stress and additional costs from removal companies as they have a crew standing by with not much to do.

At Pooley Removals our experience tells us that this type of delay is the main cause of moving day anxiety and one of the main factors of increased spend over your budget.

That is why we offer a Time Waiting Waiver.

How It Works

If you include our time waiting waiver in your package from us, we will guarantee the following;

  • We cover waiting time between 2:00pm , or our arrival time at the unload address, if later to 4:00pm (The typical times that delays happen).
  • Additional hourly charges are capped at £30 + VAT per crew member.
  • If you still can’t get in to your new home after 5pm we will store your belongings in our secure storage facility and arrange a new delivery time*.

Moving home is not an everyday experience for most people, for us it is.  We know offering this guarantee will help relieve some of the stress if you are delayed.

Our friends at RightMove have put together a quick tips guide to avoid delays when moving. Check it out here.

* Additional charges for storage and re-delivery will apply

If Our Waiting Time Waiver is not taken, We reserve the right to charge waiting time costs of £30 + VAT per crew member per hour until unloading can commence, this will be payable on the day.


Packing materials are included in the quotation. You choose whether you want to do your own packing and we will deliver all the materials to you prior to the move, or you can opt for the full packing service where we will come and pack all the contents of your house the day before you move. Of course everything you need for your final evening there will not be packed away!

 Full Packing service
Fragiles / breakables packing service only
Or Do your own packing
large and small boxes with tape and packing paper
Hanging wardrobe cartons for transporting your clothes are brought on the removal day
We will collect and recycle all used cartons & packing paper once you have unpacked

Small moves / part loads

We do regular trips to London, so if you have just one or a few items that need to be collected and delivered we can do this as a part load when doing other jobs.

We are also often up and down the country so let us know if you have something that you want delivered to anywhere in the UK and we can fit it in when we are next going that way.

Large piece of new furniture being delivered that won’t fit through the door? or the delivery drivers won’t take it upstairs? call us and we will get it in your home! even if it means through a window on the first floor!


Let us move your business, we can arrange crate hire and offer archive storage of your files in our new storage warehouse, along with a secure shredding service.

We also specialise in piano removals and have the equipment needed to ensure your piano is moved safely and how it should be.  Let Pooley Removals and Storage be your removals expert.
We have long standing contracts with customers to move artwork, antiques and artefacts. There really isn’t much we won’t move.