Our Storage Warehouse

Our storage facilities at Bentwaters Park, is in our own secure, locked compound with 24-hour CCTV. Depending on your storage needs, we have the suitable method to keep your furniture and effects, safe and secure. We store within purpose built wooden storage crates within our warehouse – each crate is 250 cubic feet and measures 7.5 foot tall, 7 foot deep and 5 foot wide.

When our team move a customer into the storage crates, they are filled top to bottom and front to back to utilise the space in the crate ensuring the contents is safe, secure, and protected with removal blankets.

  • Wooden crates
  • Fully insulated 40ft shipping containers, which also contain the wooden storage crates.
  • Fully insulated 20ft shipping containers, for loose items that are not crated or that require easy access.

All items placed in our storage facility are also fully covered by our insurance, this is not extra like most companies charge. We can store your belongings for short- and long-term periods. So, whether you are in a temporary accommodation situation or living abroad, you can trust us to store your effects. It doesn’t matter if it’s commercial storage facilities you need or personal.

On site security

Fully containerised

Competitive prices paid monthly

  • Ensure you leave us with a contact address and telephone no.
  • Check inventory before signing
  • Do not store:  Personal documents that you may need such as passports, birth certificates, food or drink, house plants
  • Our prices are very competitve, you may be surprised.
  • Ensure all items are clean and dry
  • Do not store passports, keys and important documents you may need.
  • No food or liquid or flammable, hazardous materials.
  • We will not transport or store: Paint, thinners, solvents, varnishes, firearms and ammunition, bottled gas, propane, lamp oil, flammable, explosive or corrosive items and motor fuels and oils. These will need to be transported in your own vehicle.