How to avoid bogus removal companies

By January 4, 2016 February 25th, 2016 News
bogus removal companies

Top Tips to Avoid Bogus Removal Companies

We all read with horror recently about the young couple in the West Midlands that had all of their belongings stolen by a couple of people posing as a removal company. It is totally shocking that anyone could do this to a young family – they even stole their baby’s toys! Unfortunately though there are people like this out there so how can you avoid the same fate?

The couple found the ‘removal company’ on Facebook and although many businesses use social media to advertise, it is wise to always do some further investigation. Even if they have a Facebook page with recommendations on it, it is difficult to tell if these are genuine or not.

Personal recommendation – If someone you know and trust has previously used the company and is happy to recommend them, that is one of the best endorsements you can get.

Don’t rely on a handshake or verbal agreement – As a minimum make sure you get a signed agreement that clearly states the exact job the company will be doing, when, for what price and that it includes contact details. If the company will give you a full contract with terms and conditions, even better. Be wary of a company that will only give you a mobile number!

References – Don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous customers. Ideally try to contact them yourself to make sure they are genuine and were happy with the service they received.

First impression – Trust your instincts. If they arrive to quote in scruffy clothes and a battered van, this could be indicative of their care and attention to detail. Look for a company that appears professional with smart, branded uniforms and clean, well maintained vehicles. The estimator should give you confidence of their expertise and experience.

Insurance – Check their insurance carefully. Make sure it will provide the level of cover that you need and whether you will be required to pay an excess in the event of any damage caused. If you are moving a long distance, there may be an overnight stop involved so make sure that your possessions will be covered for this too.

Removal team – It is worth finding out whether the company uses their own trained staff or casual workers. If they are casual, it is likely that they will care less about the job than if they have a loyalty to an employer. At Pooleys, we train our staff to a high standard meaning that you can always be confident in their ability to take care of your valued possessions.

Survey – Any reputable removal company will visit you to do a full, free of charge survey to assess requirements. This will allow them to work out how many staff will be needed, what size lorry or van and how long the job should take. They will also take into account any particularly valuable, delicate or awkward pieces. Be wary of anyone that just gives you a price over the phone.

Payment – If the company is insisting on a cash payment, this could be a warning sign. Most reputable companies will be happy to accept cards or cheques.

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